The Case of The Passed Gas

The Suspect: Lisa Rinna

The Accuser: Gary Busey

The Crime Scene: All-Star Celebrity Apprentice van

The Sound: Well…you know, kind of like a fart.

The Defense: Lisa blames the fart noise on a squeaky seat.

The Cross-Examination: Gary insists that, “This is what it sounds like when it is vegetarian farts.”

The Evidence: Gary claims to have possible access to a secret spray from a detective agency that turns the air around farts bright blue, yellow, and fuchsia.

The Verdict: “I can see fart gas,” rules Busey. “A lot of people can’t, but I can. Fart stands for Feeling a Rectal Transmission, and Lisa Linney is so good at that she couldn’t stop. She sounded like a symphony of farting trombones.”

The Confusion: Lisa’s last name is Rinna, not Linney.

The Victim: Trace Adkins, who had to sit by and endure this entire incident. No wonder he’s so grumpy.

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